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David A. Fields is a mentor, coach and champion for independent consultants. He is also author of The Executive's Guide to Consultants and managing director of the Ascendant Consortium. Contact David at 203-438-7236 or david@davidafields.com

The Effectiveness Quilt – A Surprising Way to Improve Your Consulting Firm

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Good is the enemy of great.” Yes, that saying arose to justify eliminating “chocolates” made with carob. (I’m pretty sure.) We’ve talked about this notion before, but in this article we’ll explore another aspect of building a more effective consulting firm by eliminating what you’re good at. […]

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Take off Your Happy Face! Why Consulting Clients Love Disagreeable Consultants

Your consulting clients walk into each engagement holding bouquets of helium balloons they want to release to the sky. (Metaphorically, unless your clients are clowns.) Each balloon is an assumption, preconception, hypothesis or dream that only requires your confirmation. Often you’ll grant their wish, agreeably snipping the strings of doubts that restrain your client’s balloons. But if you’re a truly outstanding consultant, you’ll wield your intellectual pin and pop some of those balloons. Bang! […]

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Why Playing with Your Food is Critical for Consultants

When you stood well under three feet tall, you chortled with unbridled glee at your father’s silly faces and merrily tried to ride the family dog. You’d also play with your food; catapulting carrot sticks and fashioning finger art with your mashed potatoes. What a hoot! Now that you lead a consulting firm, I doubt you build teetering broccoli towers on your plate anymore. Perhaps you should. […]

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The Source of Consulting Projects, in Order from Easiest to Most Difficult to Win

Projects could flow into your consulting firm from a slew of different directions: from current clients requesting follow-on engagements to out-of-the-blue inquiries generated by your dazzling, on-stage presence. Closing each of these opportunities requires different levels of effort, types of activities and kilograms of chocolate-covered almonds. […]

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Close Bigger Consulting Projects Faster With This One Phrase

There’s a phrase that will help your consulting firm close more, larger projects, faster. You’ll use this phrase when you submit your consulting proposal (not in the proposal itself) and omitting this phrase is like forgetting to dip strawberries in chocolate. The oversight yields results that aren’t as reliably tasty or rewarding. […]

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How to Combat Scope Creep While Delighting Your Consulting Clients

Picture yourself presenting your final results from a project to your client. The meeting is swimming along smoothly and you’re basking in the warm glow of another happy client. Then, your client asks, “Buddyboy, could you slice the data one more way so we can see impact by geographic area?” Setting aside your confusion over a client calling you Buddyboy, do you run the extra analysis or not? […]

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