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David A. Fields is a mentor, coach and champion for independent consultants. He is also author of The Executive's Guide to Consultants and managing director of the Ascendant Consortium. Contact David at 203-438-7236 or david@davidafields.com

7 Reasons Why Running an Independent Consulting Firm Rocks

On July 4th, Americans celebrate throwing. Throwing off the yoke of British rule, throwing baseballs, throwing barbecues and throwing back beers. Not throwing trees—that’s more of a European thing. In the spirit of independence, celebration, and throwing. Let’s throw a party for independent consulting and toss out a few reasons why it rocks. […]

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10 Tips for Dynamite Meetings with Your Consulting Clients

Your clients send your consulting firm checks with plenty of digits. In return, you’re likely to conduct at least one meeting during which you present findings, results and/or recommendations. How do you knock their socks off so they have cold toes they pump your hand enthusiastically, sign up for more of your consulting wizardry and recommend your consulting firm to their friends, neighbors and peers? Below are ten tips for delivering a dynamite meeting. Actually, there’s only nine tips because I left an open slot for you to fill in. [...]

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Rule #2 of Successful Consulting Firms

A nearby grocer prominently displays a sign proclaiming, “Rule #1: The customer is always right.” That’d never work for consulting because, well, clients aren’t always right. Rule #1 of successful consulting is to remember consulting isn’t about you. It’s about them–the clients. Got it. What’s rule #2? […]

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