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Could You Win More Projects From More Clients?

Absolutely. The Irresistible Consultant’s Guide to Winning Clients Shows You How to Build a Reliable, Lucrative Pipeline of Consulting Clients… In Six Easy Steps!



David’s materials and training are the best I’ve seen in 20 years. It’s well thought through and impeccably delivered.
Sanjiv Mittal, VP & GM, Applied Materials Global Services
David, I was in one of your programs a year ago and I use so much of what you taught. And it works! I have closed four deals already this year with global companies, and with your tutelage I am now speaking at national events. Thank you for showing me how to build my reputation, build trust and best of all – how to close deals.
Daryl Crockett, CEO, ValidDatum
I have gained a new client and they are already touting me to their other connections! I attribute this to being able to learn enough of your techniques.
Tom Chappell, CEO, Breakthrough Strategies Group
Plain and simple, David’s strategies work. Utilizing his expertise and guidance I have easily covered my investment with him many, many times over.
Tom Borg, CEO, Tom Borg Consulting
David helped me understand what I had to do to grow my business, and also how to do it. Now when I meet with prospects clients I have real confidence that I know what I’m doing. His approaches have increased my business. My revenues were up 50% last year and I’m track to increase another 50% this year.
Dan Markovitz, CEO, TimeBack Management
David’s consulting sales prowess is amazing. He showed us the finer points of how to market our business and make a successful sales call. We landed a huge new account within weeks of starting with David
Bob Endres, CEO, Synaptic Decisions
“We were in the process of drastically altering the nature of our consulting practice, and your program gave us the ability to focus on getting engagements much sooner than we had anticipated.
Michael Aarons, CEO, XOMETRIX
David, I just landed my first huge client! I have you to thank for this. I’ve already had my new consultants start going through your materials to learn what I have been doing and developing for the past 9 months.
Adam Cooper, Partner, Ascent Consulting

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