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Irresistible Consultant Program

In my flagship program for solo consultants I work with individuals who are already successful and want to break through to a whole new level of income and revenue. For those that qualify, this is a totally unique program in which we partner financially to build your business.

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Elite Consultant Mentor Program

Six months of one-on-one access to David with a single goal in mind: help you win more projects from more clients at higher fees.

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Massive Firm Acceleration

This includes everything in the Elite Consultant Mentor Program and adds components designed for consultants who want a more intensive, revenue-generating engine fueling their practice.

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Client Acquisition Formula

A powerhouse, six-week “boot camp” during which you’ll build a reliable, lucrative new-business engine.

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Same Rain/Bigger Drops

Earn your “Fee Maximization Ph.D.” in this extraordinary, six-week group program. You’ll master all three elements of the Drop Size Formula: Increasing Project Size, Elevating Fee Premium, and Maximizing Negotiation Strength.

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Consulting Academy

Sixteen skill-building modules that transform your average consultants into rain-makers and your current rain-makers into revenue rock stars.

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Firm Growth Lab

A one-or-two-day workshop that opens the floodgates to growth. Our concise, value packed process provides all the answers you’ll need to grow your consulting firm. We focus on sales, profit, cash and long-term growth, tailored to your particular situation.

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Training & Advisory Programs

A program customized to your boutique firm. Anything from a one-time webinar for your troops to in-depth, year-long team coaching that creates long-lasting impact on your firm’s revenue and profit.

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