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10 Secrets to Blow the Doors Off Business as Usual

Consultants who want to earn more money or enjoy the same income with less effort love this no-holds barred session. Consulting is a challenging undertaking—there are dozens, hundreds or thousands of consultants who say they do exactly the same thing, and that’s not even the toughest competition; most of the time consultants are up against the client’s own personnel.

Fortunately, David has proven approaches to winning bigger projects from more clients than ever before. Drawing from his experience as a hall-of-fame consultant, his unique position helping corporate clients select the best agency for a project, and his work coaching scores of consultants on how to close big projects, this presentation reveals the secrets to success in this noble profession.

Consultants who want a great year owe it to themselves to master Irresistible Consulting.

Benefits for Attendees: 

  • Sell more projects with better clients at higher fees
  • Work on projects that give you the flexibility to strut your stuff
  • Win projects against bigger, meaner, better-funded competitors including “the big guys”
  • Gain higher confidence in your pipeline for future business
  • Escape the nightmare of RFPs
  • Get paid what you’re worth by consistently demonstrating and delivering your highest value

Adobe PDF document  Irresistible Consulting – One Sheet

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