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David A. FieldsOne Sheet Biography (pdf)

David A. Fields is the founder and managing director of The Ascendant Consortium, a unique organization specializing in maximizing the ROI from consulting engagements.

The Secret Multiplier – Program Description (pdf)

While most executives are clambering up their ladder to success, the high achievers borrow some genius’ trampoline and leap to the top. The multiplier effect is a hallmark of those who know how to leverage the expertise all around them to achieve their goals faster, more consistently, with lower risk and less expense.

Irresistible Consulting – Program Description (pdf)

Consultants who want to earn more money or enjoy the same income with less effort love this no-holds barred session. Consulting is a challenging undertaking—there are dozens, hundreds or thousands of consultants who say they do exactly the same thing, and that’s not even the toughest competition; most of the time consultants are up against the client’s own personnel.

Return on Expertise – Program Description (pdf)

Make your ideas stick, generate long-term value, and develop customers that spend more, stay longer and refer you like crazy. Built for organizations and similarly general audiences, this engaging, interactive presentation unleashes the powerful genius available to every participant.

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