Return on Expertise

Return on Expertise 2017-08-07T12:41:07+00:00

with David A. Fields

How to Win the Next Generation of Customers

Make your ideas stick, generate long-term value, and develop customers that spend more, stay longer and refer you like crazy.

Built for organizations and similarly general audiences, this engaging, interactive presentation unleashes the powerful genius available to every participant. Everyone, regardless of profession is trying to add value for their customers in new ways. The challenge is how to tap expertise INSIDE and OUTSIDE their organization and establish breathtaking return on expertise for customers.

  • Achieve business results faster, with fewer missteps and less frustration
  • Boost confidence that the initiatives, strategies and programs you invest in will produce a high return
  • Unleash greater individual creativity and organization-wide innovation
  • Improve your return on expertise from both your in-house talent and outside resources
  • Foster more meaningful teamwork and higher levels of goal-focused collaboration
  • Stop relying on short-term fixes and implement meaningful and lasting behavior change
  • Apply risk reduction strategies so that people or project disasters are averted before they ever occur


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