The Secret Multiplier

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The Secret Multiplier

with David A. Fields

How to Achieve Your Most Important Goals
by Harnessing the Genius of Others

While most executives are clambering up their ladder to success, the high achievers borrow some genius’ trampoline and leap to the top. The multiplier effect is a hallmark of those who know how to leverage the expertise all around them to achieve their goals faster, more consistently, with lower risk and less expense.

Every executive responsible for hiring consultants, trainers, coaches, advisors or other experts will enjoy immediate benefits from applying the powerful and proven techniques taught in this session. Executives who don’t turn to outside experts will learn why they should.

Attendees will also receive access to valuable models, software and reference material that help put the Secret Multiplier lessons to use every day.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to maximize Return on Expertise
  • Where to find breakthrough thinkers who will exceed objectives
  • The CUBES method for making changes stick
  • Cutting-edge approaches to lowering the risk and cost of key initiatives
  • The three secrets to getting the most value from every expert
  • The 6 steps that transform uninspired thinkers into Einsteins
  • When to stand on the shoulders of giants and when to grow longer legs

Adobe PDF document The Secret Multiplier – One Sheet

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