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The Executive’s Guide to Consultants
How to Find, Hire and Get Great Results from Outside Experts

Maximize Your Return on Expertise

Research shows a high proportion of consultants fail to deliver results on time, on budget, and on target. Rare is the project that exceeds your expectations.

But help is here. The Executive’s Guide to Consultants explains how to ensure that every project delivers measurable benefits every time. This book will help you find experts, invest wisely, accelerate change, and achieve your most important goals by tapping into the genius of others.

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The Executive’s Guide to Consultants contains breakthrough ideas covered by no other book, including:

  • Sophisticated new contract structures that maximize your ROI
  • Essential methods for reducing project risk
  • Cutting-edge techniques for making change stick after the consultant leaves

You will also learn to:

  • Spot “chameleons” and other low-quality consultants who peddle tired ideas and deliver disappointing outcomes
  • Get better results faster, while lowering fees
  • Find the ideal consultant, coach, agency, or advisor for your precise situation
  • Enforce accountability with outside experts and your own internal team

Imagine if you could collect the wisdom of dozens of the country’s top CEOs, combine it with the experience of a hall-of-fame consultant, and add a bucketful of unconventional thinking. You’d have The Executive’s Guide to Consultants.

Easy to read and packed with examples, checklists, templates, and guidelines, this book is the ultimate toolkit for maximizing your ROI from outside experts.

Get extraordinary results from every consultant you hire

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